Joe Tidwell



Articles Submitted or in Preparation

  • Tidwell, J. W., Dougherty, M. R., Chrabaszcz, J., & Thomas, R. P. (Revise and Resubmit). Order constrained linear optimization.

  • Tidwell, J. W., Wallsten, T. S., Yang, H., & Moore, D. A. (Submitted). Galton meets Goldberg: Eliciting and Modeling Probability Forecasts of Event Dates and Other Continuous Quantities.

  • Chrabaszcz, J. S., Tidwell, J. W., & Dougherty, M. R. (Working Paper). A Method for eliciting and integrating prior information into psychological studies

  • Dougherty, M. R., Thomas, R. P., Tidwell, J. W. (Working Paper). The Sensitivity Of Parametric Regression Procedures To Violations Of Assumptions And A Possible Solution

Statistical Software

  • daftHM: Graphs for hierarchical models in Python, (Version 0.0.1). Tidwell, J. W.
  • gemmR: The General Monotone Model in R, (Version 1.2.02). Chrabaszcz, J. S. & Tidwell, J. W.
  • sparkler: LaTeX sparklines from ggplot objects in R, (Version 0.1). Tidwell, J. W.