Joe Tidwell


Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Dougherty, M. R., Thomas, R. P., Brown, R., Chrabaszcz, J. S., & Tidwell, J. W. (2015). An introduction to the general monotone model with application to two problematic datasets. Sociological Methodology, (Published online before print).
  • Tidwell, J. W., Dougherty, M. R., Chrabaszcz, J. S., Thomas, R. P., & Mendoza, J. (2014). What counts as evidence for working memory training? Problems with correlated gains and dichotomization. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 21, 620-628.

Other Publications

  • Tidwell, J. W., Buttaccio, D., Chrabaszcz, J. S., Dougherty, M. R., & Thomas, R. P. (in press). Sources of confidence in judgment and decision making. To appear in J. Dunlosky’s (ed). Handbook on Metacognition. Oxford University Press.

Articles Submitted or in Preparation

  • Dougherty, M. R., Hamovitz, T., & Tidwell, JW (submitted). Re-evaluating the effectiveness of n-back training on transfer through the Bayesian lens: Support for the null.
  • Tidwell, J. W., Dougherty, M. R., Chrabaszcz, J., & Thomas, R. P. (submitted). Order constrained linear optimization.
  • Tidwell, J. W., Wallsten, T. S., Yang, H., & Moore, D. A. (in prep). Galton meets Goldberg: Eliciting and Modeling Probability Forecasts of Event Dates and Other Continuous Quantities.


  • Order Constrained Linear Optimization (Psychonomics 2014)
  • Galton Meets Goldberg: Eliciting and Modeling Forecasts of Continuous Quantities (SJDM 2014)

Statistical Software

  • DPSD: Dual-process signal detection models for recognition and familiarity memory processes, (Version 0.1). Tidwell, J. W., & Chrabaszcz, J. S.
  • fitcast: Ordered Multinomial Forecast Modeling and Scoring, (Version 0.1). Tidwell, J. W.
  • mRc: The Maximum Rank Correlation Estimator in R (Version 0.1). Chrabaszcz, J. S., Tidwell, J. W.